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From the Psychosocial Development study of Erik Erikson, when a person reaches his teenage years, he is in search of his identity, of who he is, of what he is for, of what he is meant to do, and other questions pertaining to self, worth, and purpose. A success in this developmental stage would lead to meaningful life relationships; while a failure in this stage would lead to role confusion.

Moreover, the teenage years is where one tries to form relationships particularly friendships, bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood. This is also where a teenager tries to explore and discover new things outside and beyond the corners of his home and school. This is also where a teenager tries to portray an independent mature self, while really being in need of help and guidance as a lot of changes happens in their holistic growth.

With all these concerns, we cannot just let them be on their own like sheep without a shepherd.  If we will just sit down and not mind the youth’s business, we will all be losing the hope of our future. Therefore, these teenage years, which ranges from thirteen to nineteen (13-19) years of age, is the time where teenagers are in the high school level. As CFC YFL caters youth from thirteen to twenty-one (13-21) years old, so the program of CFC YFL caters also to the youth in the high schools. We have to be where the youth are. This is the reason why we have the CFC YFL High School Program.

“Bring Christ to the schools”

Programs Offered

  • Retreats, Recollection, and Formation Programs
  • Immersions and Outreach Programs
  • Live Pure Formations
  • Cool Catholics Formation
  • Team Building Activities
  • Leadership Trainings

Recognized Schools

For inquiries, please contact Jessie James Tropicales at <+63(2) 718-2213>or via email at <jaytropicales@cfcyfl.org>

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