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With numerous societal influences that distort truth and morality, there exists a struggle to seek the “self” in the hearts and minds of the youth today. Wrong values tend to influence them to veer towards a culture of death and liberalism, which is slowly becoming the norm: premarital sex, abortion, pornography, rebellion to family, illegal drugs, violence…etc.

In response to the pressing need to bring back the youth to the plan of God and to their role as the hope of tomorrow, they have to experience the joy and contentment of receiving salvation by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. There has to be a massive evangelization that will free the youth from the bonds of today’s lies. This evangelization must occur in areas where they congregate, such as the campuses.

Relying on the wisdom of this direction, CFC-YFL finds itself effective in the evangelization of the youth as it provides:

  • A point  of conversion/re-conversion where a young person can grow as a man/woman of God and be encouraged to take responsibility and leadership as he/she leads others to God as well.
  • A program of formation that will encourage them to live by their Catholic values. 
  • A program that accepts the vibrancy, energy, dynamism and free spirit of the youth and strives to re-channel this youthful spirit (which often leads young people to rebelliousness) for use in the mission of building God’s kingdom in their homes and campuses and defending life.


“Bring Christ to the campuses”

Programs Offered

  • Retreats and Recollections
  • Youth Camps
  • Leadership Trainings
  • Chastity, Love, and Sexuality Sessions
  • Immersion Programs
  • Youth Conferences

Recognized Universities

For inquiries, please contact Roliet Deo Arellano at <+63(2) 718-2213> or via email at <deoarellano@cfcyfl.org>

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