YFL 1:7

1:7 is the creative arm of YFL which is marked by its mission to evangelize the youth through artistic and innovative talents.

Its goal is to glorify God through their passions, and it does this by using their talents as a means to show the world of God’s love.

YFL Campus Based

Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life Campus Based is CFC Youth for Family and Life’s official evangelization program based within College or University level campuses.

It caters to students in their tertiary level of education-those through with “high school,” and pursuing further education in these campuses.


YFL High School-Based

CFC YFL High School-based Program is CFC YFL’s official evangelization program in the Junior and Senior High School level.

The program caters to all high school students in public government, private sectarian, and private non-sectarian high schools.

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