E-Project Season

In this world full of instants, did you know that "E" is the best instant? Watch the video and find out what E is! THIS IS THE E-PROJECT SEASON. Count yourself in. #CountEin

CFC YFL European Youth Congress

July 25-27 in Turin (Torino), Italy. Click here for more.

Summer House Training 2014

1 week. 11 houses. 2 regions. 13 districts. 45 speakers. 161 servants. This is one radical SHOUT.

RADIKAL World Youth Congress 2014

The theme of the year is based on 2 Timothy 1:7-8. This verse challenges us to become radical witnesses for God as it inspires us to put our faith into action. Actions that manifest what we believe in; actions that define what we value and stand for. Hence the title, “Radikal”.

Everyday is a special Jesus encounter with the Lord. Set the world on fire by sharing with us each of these beautiful stories. Read, hear it from your dear brothers and sisters and be inspired.
We have met Christ. We are called to live Christ. Now, there is nothing else to do but to share Christ. We are evangelizers because we have been evangelized. We are called to love as we have been loved first. Be part of The CFCYFL Evangelization Project.
Our journey has just begun and it definitely keeps getting better. Click on this image and check out the latest events of CFCYFL.